It’s got to take so much fucking strength for Skye to continue to stay quiet like she knows nothing and not have a breakdown or retaliate in anger as she sits right beside Ward. Knowing that he’s a killer; part of the organisation that almost murdered her, that everything has been a lie, that the person she trusted most as her S.O was the last person she should have, that he’s partly responsible for the only family she has ever known to be torn apart.

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Anonymous: "Established Neric, like your post earlier of Nell wearing oversized clothes (Eric's of course.)"

(Please excuse any mistakes for this one, it’s almost 2am and I should get to sleep.)

510w, enjoy :)

Nell sifted through her closet, pushing back dresses, skirts, and cardigans of her own, until she got to the end of the rack where six oversized jumpers, all smelling slightly of the ocean hung in a row. She picked up the sleeve of the first one, grazing her thumb along the soft brown and red colors. She had ended up taking this one home over two years ago when they went to pick up take out after work and he had noticed the raised hairs on her arms, she had had it ever since. Nell wondered if he even realised it was gone. The small woman shrugged her shoulders and picked it off the hanger before pulling it over herself. The fleece on the inside was worn and soft at the touch, and it warmed her skin almost instantly.  

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Send me Neric prompts and I’ll do my best to write a drabble xx

On cutting out the densi flash back,

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don’t even talk to me about it (half of her wardrobe is full of eric’s shirts and hoodies)

she insists that he just left them at hers. (then she accidently wore one when he came around) but he doesn’t mind because he agrees she looks too cute