What does it mean when your fire alarm makes a high pitched squeak every thirty seconds but only during at night? ALSO WHOSEVER CAR ALARM IS GOING OFF DOWN THE STREET GET YOUR SHIT SORTED IF I CAN HEAR IT SO CAR YOU

Put this on my grave stone

Put this on my grave stone

thanks for telling me about the two spelling errors  in the one gif guys -_-


what an icon


Admit it. We’ve all watched slightly questionable movies and tv shows just because our favourite actors were in it for .03 seconds

renvalkyrie replied to your post:What colours do you relate to Nell and Eric? I’m stuck on a thing sorry…
idk if i’ll be any help but i also associate green and red with them for some reason? i’m not entirely sure why (maybe the mugs in lange, h? i honestly don’t know) but when i think of their colors i think green and red.

(thank you :))))

Ayeeee Anon 

« What colours do you relate to Nell and Eric? I'm stuck on a thing sorry... » — Anonymous

A dim glow of blue, maybe a light pink or yellow, softer colors, nothing too harsh or dark. 

Can I ask what you’re stuck on?

« Top six places you want to see » — martewinter
  1. Time Square/ New York City
  2. Australia
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Hawaii
  5. Europe
  6. Mexico
« I like the fact that you like the German accent, because most of the people think German sounds aggresive.. » — Anonymous

Oh my god really? I’ve never had it come across to me like that. That’s weird.

« Oh I'm from germany and you like german aw » — Anonymous


I find your countries accent very cool and kind of adorable

« Top six Neric moments :p » — Anonymous
  1. "Wolfram, you’re safe with me," scene from The Recruit
  2. Flower scene from 'Greed'
  3. Kiss scene from Free Ride
  4. The scene from 4x14 where she tell’s him she wants to be an agent and his response.
  5. Putting it out there,” scene from 5x21 or 2???
  6. The scene in 5x14 where he touches her face.
« top 6 favourite accents from around the world » — Anonymous
  1. Southern
  2. Brooklyn
  3. German
  4. Canadian
  5. Australian (But specifically adult male, everything else to me sound like a car horn. That’s not me speaking that’s my country speaking)
  6. Silence

ask me my top six anything