Anonymous: "this season of LA hasnt even been that bad..."

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Wait is Ward actually ticklish, or is that part of his cover too? I can’t handle all these lies anymore.

Drown me in Easter chocolate pls.

sunshineandcherryblossom: "Can you help me recalling Kensi/Callen scenes? Till know I have found them in episode 1.01, 1.20, 1.22 and 4.11! Thanks :D"

I’m going to post this for other peoples help, because my brain is just dead past 11:30. I can’t wait for this :D I I find anymore I’ll tell you, tomorrow might be season 1 day

Can anyone help?

Nell and Nate roommate AU where Eric needs a place to crash for a while and over the  promised month falls in love with Nell, it’s that fluffy. And Nate in the background of every scene is just rolling his eyes and giving his psychologist judgement to one about the other, though he thinks they’re the cutest thing since Rose (who pops in every now again just to hug Nell and be excited.)

Eric and Nell drunkenly getting married, but since they beat around the bush to much anyway they never get a divorce.

i just rolled over and found my apple juice. i’m so happy.

godyoutalkpretty replied to your post: Skye thinks the world of Grant, and ho…

Grant may like Skye, but she has never met the real Grant. And that makes me sad.

Okay now I’m extra sad. She thinks she likes him, but it’s not really him, it’s what he’s making them believe is him. He knows everything and they know nothing. fml.

Skye thinks the world of Grant, and honestly I think the same still goes the other way around, but now there’s only like a 1% chance he isn’t evil and that’s what hurts that most.